Other Services

As well as Project Turnaround services, Connaught’s professionals have also advised on other aspects of projects, ranging from front end procurement and financing to back end terminations and arbitration management. Our experience includes.

Procurement Strategy

Negotiation of bespoke procurement strategy, risk allocation and construction contract with Project Sponsor to allow the earliest start of a $1bn hotels development.

Project Funding

Represented Contractor during intensive negotiations with Client and Funder’s Legal, Technical and Underwriting teams in a drive to Financial Close for a $2bn mixed use development.

Development Team

Key members of the Development Team managing multiple package contracts on a $1bn hotel and resort project completed on time and budget.

Project Reviews

“Health Checks” of  project portfolios identifying key contractual, cost & time Risks, agreeing Action Plans with Project Teams for the proper close out of same.


Restructuring of underperforming business units and assets, providing financial advisory and interim CRO support during restructuring and turnaround.

Claims Management

Leading of Contractor’s Project Teams in identifying and understanding full impact of key delay events, with proper presentation of same to create an environment for settlement / sustainable platform for litigation as required.


Negotiation of amicable exits from several of the early casualties of the financial crisis, securing balance payments and return of performance guarantees by strict application of the contract termination conditions.


Review of stalled offshore export facility in Iraq, and recommendations re viability of claims / restart proposals.


Case strategy and co-ordination of Project, Legal & Expert Teams across several successful arbitrations for claims / counterclaims, securing awards for fractions of the opposing sides costs.